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Not all bathroom spaces are created equal and some can be on the rather small size, or even very awkwardly proportioned and laid out, which can make decorating this particular room in the house rather tricky indeed. 
If you do find yourself with a smaller bathroom than you had in mind, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a stunning and luxurious space, one that you enjoy spending time in and which leaves you feeling calm and relaxed after a bath or shower. It simply means that you have to be a little bit clever when it comes to your interior design choices and ideas
Our first top tip is to maximise the amount of natural light that floods into the space, if you can. If you opt for a lighter colour palette for your walls and floors, it can really brighten up the room and allows what light there is to bounce around, making it feel a lot more airy than it might do otherwise. 
But, conversely, you could also consider going for a very dark colour palette, because this helps create a sense of depth in a room and can make smaller rooms seem bigger. Choose your light fittings and fixtures carefully if you do decide to go for something like black in your bathroom, as they’ll really show up when switched on. 
If you don’t have any windows at all, you could consider making one of the walls a completely mirrored surface to help reflect light and any patterns, making the space feel much larger than it is. 
And you can also achieve a really interesting effect by using bathroom tiles from floor to ceiling across each wall. Go for larger tiles to create a bathroom that may be on the smaller side but still packs the same amount of punch as something far bigger. 
Also think about your sanitaryware and do some research into what’s available so you can find the best items to suit your space. Hanging toilets and sinks on the wall can maximise the amount of floor space you have to play with, as well as making the space feel less cluttered. 
If you’re keen to have a shower in the room, going for a clear glass door and enclosure will help make the room seem bigger - or you could even get rid of the enclosure altogether and create a wet room of some kind. 
In terms of home decor, you may want to avoid going too overboard if you have a small bathroom and want to make the most of it. The more items you have in the room, the smaller it will feel, so as a first step to redecorating, take out anything that doesn’t serve a function. 
If you’re particularly attached to something, you can always keep it somewhere else in the house. If you’d like to have a bathroom design consultation, get in touch with the Manimpex team today. 
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