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Flooring is an important aspect of home renovation, and there is a nearly endless array of options available. 
Whichever room you’re working on, particularly the kitchen and bathroom, we wanted to provide some handy tips to make sure you choose the best floor tiles for your renovation project. 
1. Tile size 
Whichever option for flooring you go for, it’s important to minimise wastage during installation to keep costs down, meaning you should carefully measure the floor space to get the correct number of tiles needed. Smaller tiles are good for bathrooms and kitchens but bear in mind that large tiles create fewer joint lines, giving a feeling of spaciousness. 
2. Tile Finish 
Tiles with a glossy finish are ideal for helping reflect light into a room, making it feel brighter and more spacious. However, glossy tiles can be very slippery when wet, which makes them unsuitable for kitchen or bathroom flooring. 
Matte-finished tiles are slip-resistant, and the non-reflective surface will not show stains and dirt as easily. Slip-resistant tiles reduce the risk of falling in moisture-laden areas like the kitchen and bathroom. For maximum safety, choose tiles with a COF( coefficient of friction) value of more than 0.6. 
3. Design 
The array of tile designs available is staggering, and modern tile printing techniques can produce tiles that have the appearance of natural materials such as wood, marble, and stone. However, tiles made from these natural materials will be much more resilient. 
4. Calculate the Cost 
Calculate the exact quantity of tiles that are required for the flooring and make sure to add 10 per cent wastage to it. Keep a budget in mind so that choosing the floor tiles can become a little easier. 
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