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Stone countertops are sturdy, beautiful and can define a kitchen’s design, with quartz worktops having a particularly striking look to them, as well as a lot of benefits even when compared to other stone work surfaces. 
Quartz, as a crystalline material, is non-porous, resists stains and is better at resisting scratches and other surface damage than other, similar materials. 
Much like any other part of your kitchen, it benefits from regular cleaning, so here are some top tips to keep your Quartz shimmering. 
Avoid Abrasion 
Much like other stone surfaces, abrasive cleaners and sponges can cause noticeable damage to the surface, so it is important to use milder cleaning solutions such as diluted white vinegar and mild detergent. 
As well as this, rinse off harsh chemicals such as turpentine, drain cleaners, undiluted bleach and nail polish remover before they can damage the bonds between the quartz and the resin bonding it together. 
Keep It Cool 
Quartz itself is a stone that is exceptionally heat resistant. However, the binding resin is particularly vulnerable to heat, so avoid placing hot pans, pots and baking trays directly on the surface without a cloth or hot pad. 
Try to avoid exposing the surface to temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius. 
Clean Spills Immediately 
Whilst quartz does not have the same issue as slate or other porous stone in that stains that are left on the surface can soak in, leaving stains to dry can make the surface sticky, harden the liquid and make cleaning a bit more difficult. 
Instead, wipe away any fresh spill with diluted washing up liquid and a soft microfibre cloth. 
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