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This content will be shown in the summary A beautiful natural stone kitchen or bathroom is a valuable asset to your property, as well as a pleasure to work or relax in. It is worth investing a little time in a proper cleaning and maintenance routine to keep it in top condition. Here are a few tips. 
1. Always use soft cloths and pH-neutral cleaners. Calcareous stones in particular are very sensitive to acid, so a pH balanced, non-acidic gentle soap is essential. This type of stone includes limestone, travertine, and marble. Avoid using rough scouring materials, as they will scratch the surface and remove sealants. 
Siliceous stone is more acid resistant, but if it has a shiny finish, it will still be prone to damage. This type of stone includes granite, slate, quartz, and sandstone. It is best to look for a cleaning product that is specifically formulated for the type of stone you have, as abrasive cleaners could strip away the sealant. 
2. Keep surfaces dry. This is especially important in the bathroom, to avoid the build-up of mould and mildew which will eventually tarnish the natural lustre of the stone. After showering or bathing, remove excess water from natural stone tiles with a squeegee, and use an extractor fan to keep the humidity levels down. 
3. Apply sealant. Natural stones are porous, meaning they absorb moisture easily. Over time, this will affect the appearance and condition of the stone. Use a sealant that is recommended for the type of stone you have, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. 
Most stonework will need re-sealing on an annual basis. This will not only help to keep it waterproof, but also protect against stains and discolouration. Some types of stone such as marble may also need repolishing every three to five years. 
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